When we first discovered that our first born son had Downs Syndrome we were devastated. Richard was 3 months old when his condition was confirmed and my husband and I suffered what can only be compared to a bereavement. Yes, we had to grieve and mourn for the child that might have been before we could pick up the pieces and face the reality before us.

If only we had known that Richard would one day lead a happy fulfilled, independent way of life in the community with his friends, much of that trauma could have been alleviated.

Thanks to the Trustees of Lisieux Trust and the Staff of Lisieux House, a Christian Home in Sutton Coldfield, we have seen this become a reality for our son Richard.

We have now set up the THADDEUS TRUST to start a similar project here in Tamworth. Will you please help us to make this possible for young people with special needs and their parents who face similar difficulties.

Eve Wilson MBE
Chairman of Thaddeus Trust



Thaddeus Trust
Registered Charity No. 1000028

Email: susan.eleanor.powell@gmail.com

updated Aug 2016