FEBRUARY 1989: THADDEUS TRUST, a Tamworth Voluntary Charity was formed with the intention of establishing a home where eight young people with a learning and/or physical disability, irrespective of religion, race, colour or creed could live an independent way of life in a Christian environment, akin to living in their own home. The Trust was formed following pleas from local parents of handicapped young people as to "what will happen to my son/daughter when I can no longer care for him/her" and "will I be able to see my son/daughter happily settled while I am still alive".
MAY 1990: The Trust was honoured when The Lord Stafford agreed to become Patron of the Trust.
AUGUST 1990: The Trust was registered with the Charity Commission.
APRIL 1991: Following the Official Launch of THADDEUS TRUST at the Town Hall, Tamworth, England, on the 19th April, 1991 the plot of land in Richmond Close was identified.
JANUARY 1992: Saw success in the granting of Government funding, through Focus Housing Association,

"The Friends of Thaddeus Trust" was formed with the intention of raising funds for the furnishing and equipping of the Home.
Many hold ups then followed and it was in:


Building work commenced on the 11th October

MAY 1994: Building work was completed on the 25th May, 1994.
7th JUNE 1994: "Open Day" for all benefactors preceded by the official hand over of the keys from Marian Giles, Head of Supported Housing, Focus Housing Association to The Lord Stafford.
18th JULY 1994: The first Residents in the Home. Six of the remaining 7 joined within the next few days.
AUGUST 1994:

The 8th Resident joined the Home on completion of his Mencap Residential Course.

APRIL 1996 Mr & Mrs Goodrich, friends of the Chairman, generously donated a fully equipped holiday chalet at Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire.
JULY 1996:

Minibus donated by the Lord Tavenors.
Holiday home donated for the use of the residents.

JUNE 1997:

First holiday abroad for all the residents in Brittany .

JULY 1998 :

First resident moved out of our care to his own flat in Tamworth Generous benefactor provided a holiday at Disneyland Florida for all the 8 residents at Thaddeus House.


Loss of income owing to problem tenants at our new property. Project abandoned in favour of commercial rental for the time being.

MARCH 2000 :

The Trust experience the first year of expenditure in excess of income.

MARCH 2001 :

A second year of losses makes the Trustees consider a merger with a national charity.

MARCH 2002 :

Mablethorpe Chalet sold due to maintenance problems. All the operational activities of Thaddeus House transferred to Walsingham.

MARCH 2003 :

The mortgage for the new freehold property, close to the original Thaddeus House, paid off, now owned by Thaddeus Trust

MARCH 2005 :

Loss of income owing to problem tenants.

OCTOBER 2006 :

Professional revaluation of freehold premises at £125,000.

MARCH 2006 :

Year of consolidation with big investment to improve our property.

JUNE 2007 :

Donation given to residents towards the purchase of a people carrier.

APRIL 2008 :
Purchase of garden furniture for residents



Thaddeus Trust
Registered Charity No. 1000028


updated Aug 2016