Most of us are fortunate in that we are able to lead a totally independent way of life. We are able to make decisions for ourselves which affect our quality of life - to decide what clothes to wear, what work we are able to do, what company we wish to seek. More often than not we take all these things for granted.

It is hard to imagine how a person who is physically or mentally handicapped copes with life when they are so dependent on the help of other people. This help often takes away their freedom of choice and therefore their quality of life. I am sure that with the right level of support and encouragement those who are handicapped are capable of making many more decisions for themselves and therefore will grow in confidence and self esteem.

The Thaddeus Trust has been set up for this very reason and it is run by a group of dedicated people who will enable these young people to achieve what we all take for granted. I am delighted and honoured to become Patron of the Thaddeus Trust. I hope that those members within the community will give the Trust the support they need in helping handicapped young people.




Thaddeus Trust
Registered Charity No. 1000028


updated Aug 2016