THADDEUS TRUST: Registered Charity No 1000028

The trust takes its name from Jude Thaddeus, Apostle and friend of Jesus.

The original intention of the Trust was to purchase and equip a House in Tamworth, England, to be known as THADDEUS HOUSE to enable young people with a learning disability, irrespective of religion, race, colour or creed, to live an independent way of life in a Christian environment more akin to living in their own home. They would share together many of the tasks alongside those responsible for the day to day running of the house, growing into one family.

As you will see from our HISTORY, this was achieved, but in 2000/2001, the Trustees became aware of the need to adopt a more hands on professional approach to our care. This was due to the requirements of the Human Rights Legist ration and Government financial restraints.

The Trustees therefore began to seek a merger with a large National Charity who could undertake their responsibilities for the day to day care management of the project on a full time basis. Our Chairman already had connections with Walsingham Homes, a national organization with similar objectives to ourselves, and we therefore began negotiations with them in 2001.

In March 2002, Thaddeus Trust transferred the day to day support services of Thaddeus House to Walsingham Homes, who also took over the responsibility for the management of the project and the care our residents. Having achieved most of their objectives, some of the original Trustees retired.

However, the remaining Trustees felt they could continue to provide benefit for the local community. From April 2002, we have continued to raise funds to provide accommodation, special activities, and equipment for young people with a learning disability.

With your help we can continue to do so!

PATRON: the Lord Stafford.

Hon. Chairman.
Mrs.E.L.Wilson. M.B.E.
Hon. Vice Chairman and Hon. Treasurer. Mrs. S.E. Powell
Mr. S. Wilson.
Mrs. A. Neville.
Mrs. F. Spragg.

ENQUIRIES: to the Treasurer: Mrs S Powell



Thaddeus Trust
Registered Charity No. 1000028


updated Aug 2016